Why Don’t We Do Bichectomy?

Bichectomy is a highly publicized surgery on the Internet when it comes to facial refinement because we do facial refinement, but we do not perform bichectomy.

The reason is very simple. In many cases, the cosmetic results of bichectomy are not the best. This is because this procedure can produce localized depressions that are completely unsightly in the medium and long term. Another of the main causes is that they produce premature aging. 

This premature aging effect has been described and observed very frequently in patients who have undergone bichectomy some time after surgery. In these cases, a lipoinjection is indicated to correct this undesirable effect. One of the most noticeable effects of premature aging is the loss of the soft tissues of the cheeks. The best solution in these cases is lifting with facial endoscopy.

The alternative that we offer to bichectomy is facial refinement by microlipoaspiration . By using a 1.5-millimeter caliber cannula, we aspirate the fat from the cheeks (cheeks) in a more uniform way to achieve a better aesthetic result.

This technique does not leave noticeable marks on the skin of the face, it does not cause premature aging, nor does it leave localized depressions in the cheeks.

Microlipoaspiration is performed under local anesthesia and very mild sedation. The procedure is completely outpatient (no hospitalization is required) and the patient returns home two hours after the procedure is performed.

With microlipoaspiration, we sculpt the face in a three-dimensional way and we can combine this technique with fat injection in areas where there is a volume deficit such as the forehead, cheekbones or nose.

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